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Our ministry was started from little apartment in the month of Feb 23.2014 in the lead of Holy Spirit under the  leadership of Pastor Max and other faithful people of God. Ever since the bride of Jesus - the church is growing and has potential to grow  even in larger groups. Our church is Missional Church  - meaning, the church who beliefs and invest all the prayers and resources behind the gospel sake.  We are currently  working in our ethnic groups only ( Nepali Speaking Community ) but our vision is to reach out  to all the tribes and nations to make Great Commandments great again. 

          Ray Of Hope Canada stands and practice the Pentecostal Doctrines .We believe in God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit who is Triune God. We  strongly believe in the scripture-logos  the only book that offers forgiveness of  sins and promises eternal life. The Ray Of Hope' Glocal vision is to REACH - WIN - EQUIP-SEND. 

Pastor Max Gurung & Family

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Our Pastors & Leaders:
      Max Gurung


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       Deepika Shrestha Gurung
       Harka Gurung

Pastor/Couple Ministry C0ordinator 

      Leader/Executive Board Member 


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Jesse Gurung

   Leader/Event Coordinator

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pema - web_edited.png
Phul Maya Rai
Pema Tamang

Leader/Mother Coordinator 

Secretary/Outreach Coordinator

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